You’re never too old to hear!

Q:  When is someone too old to hear better?


A:  Age does not matter at all.  The oldest patient I have worked with is 108 years old.  And she counts on her hearing aids to work well and help her hear better every day. 

I recall a vivid appointment with a couple in their 80’s.  When first wearing a pair of hearing aids, he became very quiet and looked down at his lap.  When he looked up, his was teary eyed and apologized to his wife of almost 60 years for ignoring his hearing loss for so long.  He regretted how many moments he lost and how many moments were tense with family and friends over the years. 

Personal health is a bigger consideration than age.  Many of our patients have care providers to assist them with their hearing aids.  If a patient has to use the hearing aids themself, they can be configured to make them easier to handle.

Call us and come in for a complimentary ear check-up, hearing test, and hearing aid demonstration.  Regardless of your age or need, we treat you like a champion.