Wearing a Spouse’s Hearings Aids

Q.  We bought my wife some new hearing aids last month.  Her old ones are about 4-5 years old.  Can I use them?

A.  If your wife’s hearing aids were custom made to fit inside her ear canals, you will not be able to use them.

If the hearing aids are worn behind the ear, with a thin speaker wire going over the ear and into the ear canal, it is very likely you can use your wife’s old hearing aids … after some necessary adjustments for your ears and your hearing loss.  It is not recommended to use your wife’s hearing aids until those adjustments are made.

Ask your wife’s hearing center if they will check your ears, testing your hearing, and make the necessary adjustments to properly fit the hearing aids for you.  They will likely charge you for those services.  However, those charges will likely be much lower than the cost of a new pair of hearing aids.

Our office works specifically with hearing aids made by Oticon and Phonak.  If your wife’s hearing aids were made by either of those companies, we can also fit them to you for your use.

Call us at the Better Hearing Center of Austin for a complete and thorough appointment.  We put on hearing aids for patients to listen to immediately after their hearing test.  We also provide 4-week hearing aid trials so patients can fully test out hearing aids before a purchase.  When you come back for weekly follow-ups during the trial, we provide detailed coaching and support.

Saleem Assaf (BA – Rice, MBA – UT) is a native Dallas, Texan and a recipient of KVUE’s 2020 award for 5 Who Care and the Texas Hearing Aid Association’s 2018 Dispenser of the Year award.  Outside his practice, Saleem volunteers for hearing healthcare in Austin and abroad.  Since 2008, he has provided $178,000 in hearing aids to students at the Texas School for the Deaf.