Water, Sweat, and Hearing Aids

Q.  My hearing has bothered my family and I for a few years.  I’m 54 and enjoy an active, Austin lifestyle.  How well will hearing aids hold up during wet and sweaty activities like swimming, jogging, golf, hiking, and mountain biking?

A.  Hearing aids you find at a true hearing center are highly water resistant with a rating of IP67 or IP68.  This means the hearing aids were tested to work after being in three to four and a half feet of water for 30 minutes.  These hearing aids are not sugar cubes and will not dissolve when wet.

  This type of hearing aid will easily handle the occasional rain, a brief sprinkle in the shower, or dunking your head in a pool.  It is advisable to remove hearing aids at a pool to avoid accidentally knocking them off when swimming.

  Sweat contains body salt.  Over time, body salt will breakdown the seals in a hearing aid and allow more moisture to enter the casing.  When you sweat with your hearing aids on, take time to wipe them during and after your activity.  At the end of a sweaty day, use a folded tissue with a few drops of alcohol to wipe down each hearing aid to remove any residual salt off the aid.

  Call us at the Better Hearing Center of Austin for a thorough, well explained ear and hearing exam.  You will also listen to new hearing aids at your appointment.  We then provide 4-week hearing aid trials with follow-up appointments so our patients can fully test new hearing aids before making a final purchase.