Using a ‘Third’ Hearing Aid

Q.  Six of my co-workers and I still safely meet on occasion in the building’s largest conference room.  The other week, ‘Paul’ walked to the opposite side of the room and put a device the size of a small key fob on the table.  He announced it was his third hearing aid so he could hear people better on the far side of the room.  What is he talking about?

A.  It sounds like ‘Paul’ needed help to hear people across the room better.  The small device he put on the table is a remote microphone that sends a signal to his hearing aids.

  Were you aware ‘Paul’ wore hearing aids?  When they are fitted properly, hearing aids are very hard to see.  And it only takes a little bit of hair around the top of the ears to camouflage one.

  In this case, ‘Paul’ had a small remote microphone made by his hearing aids’ manufacturer.  The device can be worn by an individual so the hearing aid wearer can hear them much better.  It can also be placed in an environment to pick up sounds and voices more easily.   

  Today’s hearing aids can connect to a number of accessory products made by the manufacturer.  One caveat is smart phones.  Most Android smart phones and iPhones can communicate with new hearing aids.  iPhones have a ‘remote microphone’ feature allowing you use the iPhone like a remote microphone with some newer hearing aids.

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