Use for Gently Used Hearing Aids

Q.  I purchased my second pair of hearing aids last month.  They work very well and I’m keeping them.  What can I do with my 4-year old hearing aids?


A.  Your 4-year old hearing aids can serve a few uses. 

  If they work properly, you might choose to hold on to them as back up hearing aids – though your hearing center might be one of the few in Austin that provides loaner hearing aids to patients when their hearing aids are out for repair.

  You can give your hearing aids to a friend, colleague or family member who has hearing loss and cannot otherwise get hearing aids for themselves.  That person can then contact a hearing center to arrange for an ear exam, hearing test, and hearing aid fitting and programming.  In this case, that person can then benefit from the hearing aids once the aids are fitted to them and programmed for their hearing needs.

  You can also give the hearing aids to the Speech and Hearing Center at the Communication Sciences and Disorders department at the University of Texas at Austin. The center will then repurpose the hearing aids and fit them to an individual who can use them.  Or they will use them for some other educational purpose.

  If your 4-year old hearing aids are made by Phonak or Oticon, and if you give them to someone, have that person call us at the Better Hearing Center of Austin at 512-282-4327 for an ear exam, hearing test, and hearing aid fitting and programming.  With new hearing aids, we provide 4-week no-obligation trials for patients to try out hearing aids.