These are not your grandparents hearing aids!

Q: What recent developments have been made in hearing aid technology?


A: Today’s hearing aids are really high-tech “systems.” They use a multitude of performance platforms to enhance a person’s hearing experience. High-speed processors use sophisticated acoustic software that can be wirelessly adjusted during a fitting appointment. In the most advanced systems, the right and left aids simultaneously co-process sound for clearer, more distinctive hearing.  These systems will also automatically adjust to changing sounds and voices, and will speed up or slow down their response rates according to a user’s personal preferences. 

Bluetooth wireless technology has become standard. A small remote allows wearers to answer cellular or home phone calls in both instruments. Likewise, when watching television, the remote brings the audio signal from the televised program directly into the hearing aids.  

At the Better Hearing Center, patients can listen to these advanced hearing aid systems during their appointments. Four to six week no-risk trials are also available. Read our patients’ comments online.