The “WOW” moments can happen.

Q: If I get hearing aids, will I notice an instant improvement in my hearing? 

A:  Anyone who begins to wear hearing aids should have realistic expectations.  Expect to hear better, but do not expect perfect hearing.  Even when wearing the best hearing aids available, you will miss the occasional word among all the other words you are hearing more clearly.

The wide majority of our patients notice improved hearing right away.  Every now and then, a patient has a true ‘WOW’ moment.  A ‘WOW’ moment happens when a new patient wears hearing aids for the first time and is so overcome by how well they hear that they say “WOW!” over and over again. 

Even when there is not a “WOW” moment, patients notice a variety of ways they are hearing better.  Voices are sharper and easier to understand. Sounds are clearer and more distinct.  TV is more comfortable to watch, and music is brighter and crisper.