The Seven Year Stretch

Q: How long can I wait before getting hearing aids? 

A: My question for you is, “Have you had annual hearing tests to track your hearing loss?” If not, you need a baseline hearing exam. Annual re-tests will allow your hearing professional to discuss any changes with you.

Studies show that by the time most people begin to notice their hearing loss, they have had measurable hearing loss for 3-5 years. Then, they wait another seven years before they address it. That’s 10-12 years of increasing hearing loss before taking action and hearing better.

During this decade of poor hearing, it is common for people to change where they socialize, reduce whom they socialize with and generally become irritated with the world for speaking too fast and mumbling.

Because it happens slowly, many people do not notice their slow removal and isolation from many activities they used to enjoy. If you wait too long, hearing better is not guaranteed, because your brain cannot adjust as well as it might have earlier.