Teenie Tiny Hearing Aids – Part 2

Q.  I see hearing aids behind people’s ears.  Why wouldn’t everyone wear the teenie tiny hearing aids that completely fit inside the ear canal?

A.  There are three main reasons more people do not wear the teenie tiny hearing aids that can fit completely in some people’s ear canals.  In this order, the reasons are:

  First, real estate.  An ear canal must have enough space for the teenie tiny hearing aid to fit into.  Many people’s ear canals are simply too small.

  Second, feel.  When you wear a teenie tiny hearing aid that is custom formed to fit into your canal, you always feel it.  Many people do not tolerate that constant feeling of something filling their ear.

  Third, sound.  When the teenie tiny hearing aid is being worn and seals the ear canal, many people feel like their own voice sounds like they are talking in a barrel.  And when they drink or eat something, those sounds are amplified in their head as well.

  A hearing center can evaluate your candidacy for the teenie tiny hearing aids.  They might even order a pair that are made for your ears so you can feel how they fit and listen to how they sound.  Call around and ask.