Stay at Home Hearing, Part 2

Q.  Working from home these past three months, my days are filled with online video meetings and calls with clients and colleagues.  I cannot use the extra external speaker on my laptop because my husband and children are home.  When I use headphones, the volume needs to be loud for me to understand people well enough and I get a headache after 20 minutes.  How could hearing aids help in these situations at home?

A.  Hearing aids will help you hear your work calls and video meetings more clearly at a lower volume by sending the audio directly into your hearing aids as it corrects for your hearing loss.

  Hearing aids are customed programmed to primarily fill in the softer parts of speech that you are not hearing well.  This results in words and speech becoming more distinct and clear.  Music is more complete and rich.  Environmental sounds are easier to detect.  Overall your brain becomes more active.

  When working from home, you can mute the hearing aids so they do not pick up external sounds your family might be making while still streaming the audio from your call or video meeting directly into the hearing aids.

  Aside from work, hearing aids will make it easier to hear and understand what your family and friends say to you.  You can use a smartphone app to easily make adjustments, or use a small button on the hearing aids to make those adjustments manually.

  Call us at the Better Hearing Center of Austin.  We are making appointments for new patients on a selective basis.  Get your ears checked and your hearing tested.  Then listen to some hearing aids.  We provide coaching on cleaning and make adjustments during a 4-week hearing aid trial for patients to fully test hearing aids before they make a final purchase.