Stay At Home Hearing – Part 1

Q.  As I stay home in south Austin with my family, it has become much more apparent to all of us that I have trouble understanding what they say.  Sometimes it is because they are talking to me from other rooms.  But even when we are in the room together, some words and phrases are unclear.  Can hearing aids help me hear my family in other rooms?

A.  Hear aids will certainly help you hear your family in other rooms.  In fact, today‚Äôs newest hearing aids can be programmed with an extra sensitive setting you can activate when you need to heighten soft voices at a distance.  The hearing aids will also work extremely well to make voices much clearer when they are in the same room with you.

  It sounds like you are ready to get your hearing tested.  When you make an appointment, ask if you will be able to listen to hearing aids after your hearing test.  Some offices require you to purchase hearing aids before you listen to them.  Other hearing centers allow you to listen to hearing aids before you make a purchase decision. 

  In the meantime, have your family members call out your name before they try to start a conversation with you from another room.  As you can imagine, having a conversation is much easier if the people are in the same room. 

  Call us at the Better Hearing Center of Austin.  We are making appointments for new patients on a selective basis.  Get your ears checked, have your hearing tested, and listen to some hearing aids.  We provide coaching on cleaning and make adjustments during a 4-week hearing aid trial for patients to fully test hearing aids before they make a final purchase.