South Austin Hearing Aids

Q.  My parents need hearing aids and live in South Austin.  Can you recommend some easy to understand resources to help them learn more about hearing loss and hearing aids?

A.  If you are unfamiliar with hearing aids and hearing centers, good, and easy to understand information can be hard to find.  I recommend three steps and resources to get you started.

  First – download an easy to follow Hearing Aid Guide from or our website at The guide explains different types of hearing aids and suggests steps to take while assessing if hearing aids will help.

  Second – also use the Healthy Hearing website to locate a highly reviewed hearing center near your parents in South Austin.  Then refine your search by zip code and look for hearing centers with 5 or more reviews.  Call one or two of those centers and ask them questions that came up when you read the HA Guide.

  Third – Make an appointment for a Q&A appointment and/or a hearing test from a hearing center that you feel confident in.  They should allow your parents to test out hearing aids to determine how well they help them hear.

  Lastly – Join your parents at their appointment for moral support and to help them confirm how the hearing aids help them.

  Call us at the Better Hearing Center of Austin at 512-282-4327 for a free assessment, ear check-up and hearing test.  You can also listen to the new Oticon More hearing aids and find out what better hearing sounds like.  We provide 4-week, no-obligation trials, too.

  Saleem Assaf (BA – Rice, MBA – UT) is a native Dallas, Texan and a recipient of KVUE’s 2020 award for 5 Who Care and the Texas Hearing Aid Association’s 2018 Dispenser of the Year award.  Since 2008, he has purchased a multitude of hearing aids for students at the Texas School for the Deaf.  Outside his practice, Saleem volunteers for hearing healthcare in Austin and abroad.