Hearing Test | Ear Exams

A crucial step during a thorough hearing test appointment is a comprehensive ear exam.  Each ear is unique.  We need to see and check the physical and structural condition of your ears before conducting a hearing test.   In many cases, there is debris (usually ear wax and sloughed skin) to clean out before an accurate hearing test can be performed. 

In order to see your ears as well as possible, we use videotoscopes to see clearly inside your ears.  These views provide you an opportunity to see into your ears along with us, and allow us to more clearly and definitively examine your ears.

hearing test ear exam01

We have two types of videotoscopes to check your ears during an ear exam.  One is a fiber optic camera attached to a clinical otoscope that projects live images onto a 32-inch color  TV.

This enlarged view gives a very detailed and clear inspection of the outer ear, the canal, and the ear drum.  A single skin pore can appear to be the size of a dime on the TV screen.  Likewise, even the smallest amounts of wax or dry skin, is easily seen.  Also, any issues with the ear drums are equally highlighted and highly visible. 

hearing test ear exam02

The other videotoscope we use is a self-contained handheld version which has a 6-square inch LCD screen to capture and show pictures of the ear canal and ear drum.

Our patients appreciate seeing into their ear canals for themselves.  This gives you a definitive understanding of any wax, dry skin, or other debris that might be affecting your ears and your hearing.  And when necessary, we conduct very gentle, thorough and comprehensive ear cleanings.