Hearing Aid Repairs

When a good hearing aid cleaning is not enough to get a hearing aid working properly, the hearing aid might need a repair. We conduct some hearing aid repairs in the office. While hearing aids purchase from our office are under warranty (1-5 years), we do not charge fees for in-office care and service while the hearing aid is under warranty. We always invite you to make a contribution to our non-profit fund that helps us cover the costs of the charitable work we conduct.

Common in-office hearing aid repairs include:

  • Replace a speaker wire
  • Replace an ear mold tube
  • Replace a battery door
  • Replace a concha lock
  • Replace a volume control button
  • Repair a volume control button
  • Re-pair hearing aids to a smart phone
  • Re-pair hearing aids to a TV transmitter, a remote control, or a remote microphone

Some hearing aid repairs are too technical to complete in our office. If your hearing aid is under warranty we can mail your hearing aid back to the manufacturer for a repair. If your hearing aid is out of warranty, we pass along the manufacturer’s repair charges to you plus 25%. Hearing aid repairs from the manufacturer typically come with a 6 or 12 month repair warranty.

There are some tell tale signs when a hearing aid likely needs a repair:

  • It is completely quiet
  • The casing has come apart
  • A speaker wire has come apart
  • There us a consistent beep, buzz, or raspy sound
  • Low level of sound, ie. the hearing aid sounds weak
  • You hear the start up chime/music, but nothing else
  • One or more of the microphones is not picking up any sound
  • One or more of the hearing aid buttons does not work

If your hearing aid exhibits any of these signs, please call us right away for an easy hearing aid repair. There is no need to have a hearing aid perform below par. Let us get your hearing aid working properly again!