Hearing Aid Demonstrations

Why wonder how much better you might be able to hear?  Find out for yourself. After your hearing test you can listen to hearing aids that have been programmed to fit your hearing loss.  With the hearing aids on, listen to the voice of the friend or family member who came with you to the appointment.  Listen to music and TV programs we can play in our office.  Hear for yourself what hearing better sounds like. 

During the demonstration you can experience how the hearing aids feel.  See what they look like as you wear them.  While you have them on, I can make computer adjustments to sharpen and improve how well you are hearing.   To highlight how much your hearing is improved, I can also turn the hearing aids off and on while you wear them.

hearing aid demonstration01

There is no need to guess how well you can hear again.  Hear the improvement for yourself while wearing hearing aids that are adjusted for your specific hearing loss.   And a family member or friend can try to find them while you have them on!