Why can I hear voices and words by not understand them?

Most likely, some voices and words sound unclear and mumbled because you have high frequency hearing loss. This means you are not hearing the higher pitched portions of words as well as you used to. This type of hearing loss makes it seem as if some people are mumbling, especially female voices, and younger children. At the Better Hearing Center, we program hearing aids to fill in the higher pitched portions of words that you miss, so voices sound much clearer, more distinct and are easier to understand.

Can wax cause my hearing loss?

You are supposed to have some wax in your ears. If you have a complete blockage of your canal due to wax and other material, it can certainly affect your hearing. We examine and clean out our patients ears at the Better Hearing Centerbefore we conduct a hearing test.

What kinds of hearing aids do you provide?

There are two main styles of hearing aids, 1) those that fit into the ear and 2) those that fit behind the ear and have a wire or tube that carries sound into the ear. At the Better Hearing Center we offer both types of hearing aids. Most patients find the new, small behind-the-ear hearing aids to be more comfortable and easier to use than the in-the-ear models.

Do you carry hearing aids made by a variety of manufacturers?

We provide a full line of hearing aids manufactured by Oticon, a pioneer in the hearing aid industry since 1904 and a current leader in research and development in hearing aid technology. Visit their website at www.OticonUSA.com. We prefer to focus on one manufacturer with a rich tradition in innovation and ongoing customer focus. This allows the Better Hearing Center to provide our patients with stellar service and care for the most up-to-date treatment available.

My grandparent and parents hated their hearing aids. Why should I try them?

The advancements made in hearing technology and features in the past 7-10 years has been a true revolution. Ongoing improvements in hearing aid design, materials, and circuitry each year continue to surpass earlier advances. The speed of improvements has increased drastically in the past 3 years. Today’s hearing aids are like wearing a tiny, customized, personal hearing improvement instrument. Indeed, they are worth trying!! Plus, at the Better Hearing Center we let you wear them at no cost in our office. To make certain our patients are thrilled with their hearing aids, we give them their money back if they are not fully satisfied during their initial 3-4 weekly appointments!!

Wearing hearing aids in your office is just a trick to make me buy them isn’t it?

At the Better Hearing Center we want you to make better decisions to achieve better hearing based on better information. The only guarantee we make to our patients is that you will get a great deal of information during your appointment about 1) your ears, 2) your hearing, and 3) how to improve the condition of both. Many patients choose to leave our office with better hearing, and that choice is made based on the degree of information they receive during their appointment. Wearing and listening to hearing aids during your appointment is some of the best information you can receive. How do they feel? How do they sound? How do they look? How do you turn them on and put them on? How do you turn them off and take them off? Etc.

Why do hearing aids squeal and whistle?

This was a common concern with older hearing aids. When a hearing aid hears itself and tries to amplify that sound, it creates a squeal or whistle. This sound is commonly referred to as ‘feedback’. Feedback can happen when a hearing aid is too loose in a patient’s ear or is not tuned properly. Feedback can also happen when a hearing aid is turned up to loud, or is not working properly. All of these issues can be remedied by a caring, diligent dispenser like the one who treats you at the Better Hearing Center

What is the latest type of technology being offered in hearing aids?

The most advanced hearing aids today fully use wireless BlueTooth technology. This allows hearing aids to send wireless signals to each other tens of thousands of times per second. The better BlueTooth hearing aids share information with each other about what they are hearing and how they are adjusting, then adjust themselves accordingly to give a patient rich, surround sound hearing. The best of the BlueTooth instruments will carry the TV, home phone and cell phone signals through the patient’s hearing aids corrected for the patient’s loss. Talk about personalized better hearing! Oticon is the leader in this level of technology. The Better Hearing Center carries their mulitple lines of BlueTooth hearing instruments.For more information refer to the ConnectLine features on the Oticon website at www.OticonUSA.com.

How much do your hearing aids cost?

First, hearing aids from the Better Hearing Center come with an automatic “Worry Free Warranty”. This includes 2 years of free repairs and 1 year of free insurance. The warranty also includes a life-time of exams, tests, and adjustments at no charge. The Better Hearing Clinic provide a wide array of digital hearing aids. The most basic hearing aids cost about $725 each. And the most advanced hearing aids cost about $3,800 each. After your hearing test, we will provide recommendations on how to best address your hearing loss. You can then try them in our office at no charge.

On the internet, I found hearing aids that are pretty cheap. Why is that?

Hearing aids sold through the internet are cheaper because those retailers do not offer the same level follow up care and service that we do at the Better Hearing Center of Austin. In addition, when you buy your hearing aids off the internet, you will be charged separately for each service appointment you need, or you will have to mail them in for at least two weeks whenever you need service!

Hearing aids with the Better Hearing Center come with three to four weekly follow-up appointments after you receive your new hearing aids in order to ensure you and the hearing aids as working together as well as possible. Beyond that we provide you LIFETIME of in-office service, care, exams, adjustments, cleaning, etc. at no charge!

Do you take insurance?

We have found it is much better for a patient to request their reimbursement from their insurance company than for us to file for it.

How much does insurance cover for hearing aids?

Coverage varies widely with each policy with a particular insurance company. At your appointment, we can inquire with your insurance company about your coverage. When an insurance company provides coverage it is typically $500 per ear, meaning $1,000 for a pair of hearing aids. However, coverage varies within each insurance company, and many levels of coverage do not include hearing aids. Let us check for you!

Financing Options

Payment for hearing aids can be made with a credit card, a debit card, check, cash, or a payment plan.  We provide financing options through Healthy Plan and Care Credit.  Both of these programs offer 12-months payment programs with 0% interest.  They also offer plans that include interest for payments between 24 months through 48 months.  When a patient wants to use a payment plan, we ask a few application questions and complete the online request for either Healthy Plan and Care Credit in our office.  We give you your qualification outcome information right away.

Does Medicare cover hearing aids?

Medicare does not cover hearing aids. However, some levels of Medicaid coverage will pay for two advanced digital hearing aids. In Texas, when covered, Medicaid currently provides two hearing aids every six years.

How are you any different from any other hearing aid dispenser?

Please take a moment to review our patients’ comments on our website and in our office. Our highest goal at the Better Hearing Center is to provide better hearing. In order to do this we must be exceptionally well aware of each of our patient’s needs and their unique circumstances. Therefore, we provide an equally high level of personalized care and ongoing service. Our patient testimonials bear witness to the amount of effort we take to make sure our patients truly do live better with better hearing!

We are ready to help you live better with better hearing. Give us a call and arrange an appointment.