Pianos, Guitars, and Hearing Aids

Q:  How will hearing aids make my guitar and piano playing sound?

A:  Hearing aids will certainly change how you play the piano and guitar – for the better.  Think of it this way, if you have a hard time hearing words and conversations clearly, then you are not hearing the music you play as well as you should either.  Wearing hearing aids will make words and conversations clearer and easier to hear.  Likewise, your hearing aids will make music sound fuller, brighter and better balanced.

  Our patients who are musicians and singers tell us they appreciate music more with their hearing aids on.  Without their hearing aids, they over-sing and over-play, and music in general sounds dull and muted.  Hearing aids can also be programmed with settings to use when playing music and singing.  These specialized settings provide for a more fine-tuned experience with music that is more distinctive and enjoyable.

  Many musicians are concerned that wearing hearing aids will harm their hearing.  This shouldn’t happen.  Today’s hearing aids have limits they are programmed not to exceed.  When playing or singing a particularly loud note, the musician’s hearing aids will not make it the note even louder.