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Patient Testimonials

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The Better Hearing Center feels like family. I look forward to appointments. Before I got help from Saleem I felt like I was in a hole and embarrassed about not hearing. I now enjoy a life full of family, friends and social activities.

~ Beatrice R.

My clinician, Saleem Assaf, is a very caring person who listens to one's concerns and does everything to clarify any issues one might have. It has been a very rewarding experience working with the Better Hearing Center of Austin.

~ Marilyn W.

I am hearing so well, I'm just smiling like a cheshire cat! The care and service is magnificent.

~ Eleanor F.

Following the fitting of the hearing aids, and the clinician's sage advice on their use, my lifestyle has improved and I am able to hear clearly and confidently. The service, advice and follow-up care were first class, superb and five star from start to finish. Saleem and Brenda are a world class team.

~ T.B.

"Better Hearing has increased my quality of life.  I've had my instruments for 2 years and seen significant improvement in my hearing.  Saleem and his staff are top notch.  Don't hesitate, call Better Hearing."

~ Lenny M.

"The very best thing you can get when you buy anything is service after the sale and you can't get it any better than Better Hearing center of Austin and the most virtuous, respectable treatment anywhere."

~ Gene M.

"I'm so happy that I took this major step in my life to hear better. My family and friends feel the same. Absolute FURST CLASS service with Saleem and Brenda!"

~ Janine M.

"I have come to Better Hearing for 2 years and everytime I call or stop in I'm always greeted with a smile and EXCELLENT service. The staff is very friendly and professional and help me with all my questions and concerns. I wouldn't go anywhere else to have my ears looked at and for hearing aids."

~ Erin R.

"Pleasantly surprised at the knowledge and professionalism of Saleem Assaf.  He took great time and effort in determining my hearing problems and provided assistance in correcting the problem."

~ Henry S.

"I bought my aids from Dr. Saleem because he not only explained in detail my hearing loss problems, but what the aids would do, how they functioned and how to completely use them. They supervised it all to make sure I did it correctly."

~ Kathryn B.

"My hearing aids from the Better Hearing Center have improved my life greatly. I have had them for almost 4 years. Anytime that I have had any issues with them, the problems were dealt with quickly and effectively. I've always been able to get service very quickly, usually the same day."

~ Alan K.

"The office is run very efficiently and the staff is most helpful, professional and not pushy at all. The ear examination and the hearing aids are explained and demonstrated in detail. The technology is awesome. A great experience!"

~ Judy L.

"From the moment I walked in the door I felt welcome and at ease. Saleem and Brenda are both friendly and professional. I really love my new "ears" !!"

~ Mary Y.

I had a negative reaction to the 1st place went for a hearing test. Friends who had been dealing with Saleem were so enthusiastic that I immediately made an appointment with Better Hearing Center. What a feeling of confidence came out of that very first appointment! My hearing is now a happy thing."

~ Tanya S.

"The professionalism and care that Better Hearing gave me was absolutely wonderful!  I have recommended them to others with hearing loss with no hesitation.  Thank you Saleem and Brenda for all you do!"

~ Mark K.

"After being diagnosed with a hearing loss, my path to better Hearing has been most beneficial, compassionate and definitely a learning experience with Saleem and Brenda.  I highly recommend the Better Hearing Center of Austin for anyone with a hearing problem."

~ Marilyn L.