One Hearing Aid or Two

Q.  I had a hearing test in Austin almost two years ago.  My right ear had some hearing loss, but my left ear was double that.  Will I be okay if I only get one hearing aid for my left ear?

A.   When you have hearing loss, wearing one hearing aid is typically better than wearing none.  At the same time, a high percentage of people with uneven hearing loss wear hearing aids on both ears.  Using two hearing aids gives their brain a more balanced amount of support for added clarity and ease of understanding.

  There is no better way to know if one or two hearing aids will help you more than to actually listen to them. Make an appointment with a hearing center that provides a thorough hearing evaluation and allows you to listen to hearing aids right after the test.

  Listen to each hearing aid on its own, then listen to them both together.  You will be able to hear for yourself how much support and benefit you gain with each aid alone and with both aids together.

  Based on our in-office testing and hearing aid demonstration, I have often recommended that a patient get two more basic hearing aids that cost the same as a single top-end hearing aid in order to gain the greater benefit of helping both ears hear more clearly.

  Call us at the Better Hearing Center of Austin.  We are making appointments for new patients on a selective basis.  Get your ears checked and your hearing tested.  Then listen to one and two hearing aids.  We provide coaching on maintenance, cleaning and make adjustments during a 4-week hearing aid trial for our patients to fully test hearing aids before they make a final purchase.