One Deaf Ear, One Hearing Aid? Part 1 of 2

Q.  As a teenager, my left ear was exposed to a very close shotgun blast.  I am in my early 40’s and don’t think I hear anything out of that ear anymore.  Can a hearing aid help my left ear?

A.  Exposure to a single profound noise can damage your hearing.  And more damage can occur to the closer ear.  The other ear will also be affected, though perhaps not as much.

  You have a few hearing aid options to consider that I will describe below and next week.  The very first thing to do is to schedule a hearing test from a reliable hearing center.  When you make the appointment and describe your hearing issue with your left ear, ask them if you will be able to listen to hearing aids after they test your hearing.  Select a center that will let you listen to the hearing aid options listed below right after your hearing test.

  The three hearing aid options to listen to after your hearing test are 1) a left hearing aid, 2) a CROS hearing aid system, or 3) a Bi-CROS hearing aid system.

  If a left hearing aid does not help you, listen to a CROS or Bi-CROS hearing aid system which I will describe next week.

  Call us at the Better Hearing Center of Austin at 512-282-4327 for a free assessment, ear check-up and hearing test.  You can also listen to the new Oticon More hearing aids and find out what better hearing sounds like.  We provide 4-week, no-obligation trials, too.