Mumbly Book of Mormon

Q:  My hearing aids work great in day-to-day situations.  But during ‘Book of Mormon’ at Bass Concert hall, the voices were very hard for me to hearing clearly.  What can I do? 

A:  The acoustics of a concert hall are very unique, especially when you are watching a musical.  If your hearing aids have a volume control, adjusting the volume might help you during future performances. 

   The best option for you is to have a ‘performance’ setting programmed into your hearing aids, if your hearing aids can accept additional settings.  Most newer hearing aids can be programmed with up to 4 distinct programs.  Each program is adjusted to respond to unique listening environments such as theaters, classrooms, lecture halls, restaurants, live music, bowling alleys, rooms full of bridge players or bingo players, etc.

   Some hearing aids can switch between programs automatically.  Others allow the user to make the switch manually whenever they want to.      Talk with your hearing professional about using multiple programs based on where you need to hear better.