Mail-order mayhem

Q:  Are hearing aids shown in National Geographic, The New York Times and the catalog I get in the mail worth ordering?

A: Yes, try them. Because as soon as you do, you will better appreciate the need for seeing a professional hearing specialist in person. An order from a catalog does not come with an ear exam and cleaning. A magazine will not provide a detailed hearing test and comprehensive auditory evaluation. A newspaper is unable to make timely, on-site adjustments and fitting alterations. And no mail-order hearing aid purchase can provide fine-tuning or create custom hearing programs.

Only face-to-face appointments with a qualified hearing professional can accomplish all of this and more to achieve complete hearing healthcare, service and follow-up adjustments.

Hearing aids sold through mail order require the user to self-diagnose their hearing and provide rough estimates of their ear canal shape and size. A hearing professional works right beside you. Together you personalize, customize and maximize the improvement in your hearing with real-time software adjustments on multiple features and settings on computer-driven hearing systems.