Loaners Matter

Q:  Will loaners be available when my hearing professional mails off my aids for a repair? 

A:  The short answer is, “They should be.” A set of loaner hearing aids can be a tremendous relief when your hearing aids need to be mailed back to the manufacturer for a repair.  If your hearing professional does not provide loaners, you should call around.  Find a practice that is very familiar with your brand of hearing aids and who will also provide you with a set of loaners.  Consider using that practice for the repair so you can continue to hear better while you are without your hearing aids.

   If you wear a behind-the-ear system, it is very straight forward to provide you with some loaners.  But if you wear a custom shaped in-the-ear system, it can be more problematic to provide you with some loaners.

   Without any loaner hearing aids for the 2-3 weeks it takes to have yours repaired, you are at risk of losing your hard earned hearing comprehension.  Loaners, like we use at Better Hearing, should be among the newer systems that are available to ensure you maintain your best hearing until your repaired hearing aids are ready.