Level Out vs. Upgrade vs. Unlevel

Q.  I bought a hearing aid for my ‘bad’ ear 5 years ago.  Now my ‘good’ ear is bad enough to need an aid.  Can I get a matching aid to go with my old one, or do I have to get a new pair?

A.  Since both of your ears need help, wearing two hearing aids will certainly give your brain more information to understand speech and sounds around you.  The two scenarios you describe can have a third option added to them; i.e. the possibility that you use two mismatched hearing aids.

  You will get the best performance and best auditory experience from a pair of new, matching hearing aids.  New hearing aids co-process information for more clarity and provide a much improved noise reduction experience.  From a cost perspective, this is also the most expensive option.

  If you get a ‘new’ older hearing aid to match the one you already have, the cost will be less than a pair of truly new aids.  This pair of aids might have some co-processing capabilities and shared functionality.  Lastly, the least expensive option is to buy a very cheap aid for your bad ‘good’ ear and hope it provides you with enough improvement to balance out your hearing.

  A qualified hearing center can talk you through these options.  Find a well-reviewed center and get in touch with them.

  Here at the Better Hearing Center of Austin we are making appointments for new patients.  Get your ears checked and your hearing tested.  Listen to hearing aids tuned for your needs.  We provide a 4-week hearing aid trial with follow up appointments for our patients to fully test hearing aids before they make a final purchase.