It’s only hearing ‘loss’ if you do nothing to gain it back.

Q:  Can hearing loss be stopped or reversed?

A: Ah ha, you are asking two questions here. 1) Can the impact of hearing loss be stopped orreversed?, and 2) Can the natural rate of hearing loss be stopped or reversed?  I’m going to cheat a little and say ‘yes’ and ‘no’. 

 On the ‘no’ side, I am sorry to say there are not any ways yet to slow down, stop, or reverse the natural progression of hearing loss.  While medicinal science continues to make remarkable strides to benefit mankind, restoring natural hearing is still out of reach.  Just like our teeth decay and our skin wrinkles as we age, hearing loss follows a unique and steady decline for each of us.  And similar to good dental and skin hygiene, there are ways to protect and reduce the potential for hearing loss.  We’ll cover that topic in my next column on Feb 20 – so stay tuned.

 On the ‘yes’ side, I am happy to say the impact of hearing loss can be stopped and reversed.  Heavy wax build up can lead to conductive hearing loss.  Our patients with heavy wax build-up can recover some of their hearing once we clean the wax out of their ears (for free!).  For the majority of people with clean, healthy ears, the most straight forward solution for them to stop and reverse the impact of hearing loss is to test drive a digital hearing solution.  We provide our patients with no-risk test drives of personalized hearing aids and hearing systems for an average of 4 to 6 weeks to ensure the impact of their hearing loss is as reversed as possible.