It’s Much Louder, But Not Any Clearer

Q.  My mail order hearing aids definitely make voices, sounds, and the world in general much louder.  But words are still not clear enough for me to understand them any better.  Why is that?

A.  Your mail order hearing aids (and other basic personal amplifiers and low tech hearing aids) are certainly able to make sounds louder.  But they are not sophisticated enough to match the unique needs of your particular areas of hearing loss. 

  With hearing loss, your ears are like a piano that is out of tune.  You can strike the piano keys harder and play the piano louder, but the music still sounds out of tune.  A personalized and intensive retuning is necessary to re-balance the tones and harmonies so the piano, and your hearing, is back in tune.  Up-to-date, custom programmed hearing aids can accomplish this for you.

  Your mail order hearing aids might re-tune your hearing to some degree.  Obviously, they are not helping enough to make words any clearer.  Instead, they are making garbled words louder, but still garbled.

  We have many patients who came to us wearing older, louder hearing aids.   Once they began using new, clearer hearing aids, they noticed how much more detailed words and sounds were at lower levels of volume.