Internet sales and mail order.

Q:  Is it alright to order hearing aids from mail order catalogs or internet sites?


A:  Our patients often ask this question.  My reply is always, “Buyer beware.”  With a hearing aid, if you cannot test it out before you buy it, chances are your time and money will be misspent.

Some catalogs and online hearing aid sites ask if your hearing loss is mild, moderate, or severe.  Which is it?  Would you buy glasses or dentures from a catalog this way?  Is your vision loss mild, moderate or severe?  Is your mouth small, medium, or large?   Sounds inaccurate doesn’t it?  When you use professional measurements, adjustments, and follow up care, your ability to hear better is overseen properly.

If cost is a major concern, there are inexpensive, digitally programmable hearing aids available at many hearing aid centers.  At the Better Hearing Center of Austin, we provide a full range of systems from the very basic to the most advanced.  And all of them come with our free high-end care.  Call us and come in for a complimentary ear check-up, hearing test, and hearing aid demonstration.  We are friendlier than a catalog, and much more informative than a website.