I love music! Live music!

Q:  Should I wear my hearing aids when I attend the Austin City Limits music festival this weekend? 

A: The main question here is about ‘live music’ vs. ‘loud music’.  And at the ACL fest, most of the live music is also very loud.  Most newer hearing aids are programmed with a loudness limit.  This means they are working very little in very loud situations.  Do you prefer to stand in front of the band and the large concert speakers? Do you prefer to stand in the middle or back of the crowd where it is not so loud? 

If you enjoy live music now, take steps to be able to enjoy live music in the years to come. The closer you are to the speakers, the more you need to protect your hearing.  You can use ear muffs to cover your ears along with your hearing aids when you are close.  Or you can wear ear plugs instead of your hearing aids.  Protection today can mean hearing better tomorrow.