Holiday Frustration With Bad Hearing

Q.  When our large family gather in South Austin during the holidays and most Sundays, we all experience a lot of frustration because my parents cannot hear us well at all.  Should they get hearing aids to hear us better?


A.  When you were growing up, your parents probably had days when they felt like you did not listen to them or follow their advice.  The shoe is on the other foot now, and they might not take your advice to improve their hearing and reduce everyone’s frustration.

  Talk with your parents about the frustration you notice and experience.  Ask them how they feel when they cannot hear well.  Ask them how their time with family and friends would be different if it was easier for them to take part in conversations.  Ask them if they want to hear better.  Ask them if they have thought about using hearing aids and find out their opinion of them.

  Most hearing loss occurs when our ears are not able to send our brain enough information.  When our ears need help, a hearing aid is often a helpful solution to provide our brain with the necessary information to hear more clearly and easily.

  A hearing test is the first step to finding out if hearing aids might help.  If your parents have hearing loss and begin to use good hearing aids, the overall enjoyment level during conversations and family events should be much higher.