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New Technology in the New Year

Q.  I made a new year’s resolution to my husband (and the rest of our family) that I would finally get hearing aids this year.  If I’m going to get some, I want to get the newest and the best.  When do new hearing aids come on the market?  And which company makes the best ones?


A.  ‘New’ hearing aids come out on the market almost monthly.  However, major leaps in capability and features happen much less often – perhaps once or twice a year.  March, June and October are popular months to reveal new advancements.  More importantly, find an excellent hearing care center and allow them to show you the newest and best hearing aid systems that are available.

  There are a handful of hearing aid manufacturers that genuinely lead the global industry in research, development, design, and functionality.  The ‘big five’, that most people in the industry recognize are Oticon, Phonak, Starkey, ReSound, and Signia.

  One of the tricky issues with the release of any ‘new’ hearing aid is whether or not it is genuinely superior to earlier ones.  It is not uncommon for new ‘whiz bang’ features to become available that actually inhibit the hearing aids’ prime purpose – to help you hear voices as well as possible.  Weird, but true.