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Hearing For the Holidays

Q.  My Dad’s hearing has been getting worse in recent years.  He admitted to me he is getting nervous about our upcoming family gatherings during the holidays because of how frustrated and disconnected he feels when he can’t follow conversations, especially with his grandkids.  Can hearing aids stop him from feeling that way?

A.  Some of the most common symptoms of untreated hearing loss are frustration, anxiety, social isolation, and depression.  These come about and are heightened when hearing loss creates a communication barrier against the people we want to talk with.

    Hearing aids are an easy to use, highly effective way for someone to greatly reduce the negative impacts of their hearing loss. If your Dad were able to hear and understand conversations better, his sense of enjoyment and family connection would probably increase. 

    The good news is that many hearing centers in Austin provide trials for their patients to use hearing aids at home.  Contact some hearing centers near your Dad and inquire about arranging a hearing test and trial for him.  Go with him if you can to provide encouragement and to have the center use your voice during the testing.

    Keep in mind, hearing aids do not provide perfect hearing.  They should provide more clarity and detail to hear and understand voices much better.