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Hand-me-down Hearing Aids

Q. I replaced my hearing aids a month ago.  My sister also has trouble hearing clearly.  Can she use my old hearing aids? 

A.    More than likely, yes.  It should be possible if your previous hearing aids are worn behind the ear, with a small wire coming over the top of the ear that ends with a little speaker in the outer ear canal.  On the other hand, if you had custom fit, in-the-canal hearing aids, they will not fit properly into anyone else’s ears.

   With behind-the-ear hearing aids, your sister can call around to find a hearing center that will re-fit and re-program the hearing aids for her hearing loss.  Most hearing centers charge fees for this type of service.  When calling various hearing centers, ask about their charges to have a hearing test, and then to re-fit and re-program hearing aids.  These hearing centers may also charge other fees for follow up appointments.

    A few hearing centers do not charge any fees for this type of hand-me-down service.  When you call around, I hope you find one of these highly reviewed, highly rated, ‘no fee’ hearing centers.  Our offices are two of them.