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Easy to use technology

Q. When technology becomes too complicated, it confuses me.  I need hearing aids that are simple to use.  Are some hearing aids easier to use than others? 

A.    By and large, hearing aids are fairly easy to use.  You turn them on, put them in place, and they help you hear better.  All hearing aids require a degree of basic maintenance; keep them clean and change the batteries.

    Many ‘extra’ features in hearing aids are automatic and require no extra effort to use.  Other features require specific intent to be activated and could be the source of some confusion.  Some of these features include volume control, program changes, and connections to cell phones and TVs.

    When hearing aids have active, special features that a patient wants to use, the hearing center should provide instructions and training in how and when to use them.  In most cases, using a small, three or four-button remote control makes it much simpler to adjust these special features.

    Find a well-reviewed and highly rated hearing center.  They will likely provide you with the instructions and training you will need to make using your hearing aids as easy as possible.