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Comparing Hearing Aids

Q. I’m a critical shopper.  When a product is expensive like a car, a new phone, etc., I like to do research on it. With hearing aids, can I listen to different models and decide which ones work best for me? 

A.   Yes, with the right hearing center you should be able to compare how well different hearing aids work for you. 

   A hearing center that provides trials wants their patients to be certain they make the right hearing aids choice.  Not every patient chooses to listen to multiple hearing aids, but some do.

    During a trial, it is customary for a patient to have one specific pair of hearing aids they are testing out.  After a week or two, it can be possible to also test out a 2nd pair of hearing aids.  A hearing center might provide you with a question sheet or rubric on how to compare the two sets of hearing aids.

    In rare cases, a hearing center will allow a patient to have two sets of hearing aids at the same time. When a patient has two sets of hearing aids during a trial at the same time, they are able to quickly change from one set to another and compare how well the hearing aids work in real time during different events and at different times.