Hearing during the holidays

Q.  When I go to holiday parties and spend Christmas with my family, I have a much harder time hearing, even with my hearing aids on.  What can I do to make my hearing aids work better?


A.  Hearing in a noisy environment is more challenging than a quiet environment, even for people with very good hearing.  Keep in mind, no hearing aid can stop noise from happening.  But they are able to resist noise from being processed and re-played through the hearing aid into the user’s ears. 

  Newer hearing aids – in the past 2 to 3 years – have made tremendous advances in how well they improve voice clarity, even in noise.  To some degree, these newest hearing aids are able to automatically adjust to noise.  They can also be programmed with a unique setting to fully maximize the noise reduction settings within the hearing aid and to minimize the impact of noise.  This extra setting, if it has been created by the hearing center, must be activated as needed by the user.

  If your hearing aids are more than 3 years old, this extra noise reduction setting is much less effective than the same setting in today’s newest hearing aids.

  Regardless of the age of your hearing aids, ask your hearing center to create an extra setting in your hearing aids to fully maximize the reduction of the impact on noise.

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