Hearing Care Services

  • Bluetooth Equipment Training

    Today’s hearing aid systems are very sophisticated in their own right. For access to even more features and options, the newest hearing aid systems connect wirelessly to TVs, tablets, laptops, cell phones and many other Bluetooth related audio systems.

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  • Community Service, Care and Off-Site Visits

    In lieu of service charges for office visits or any of our in-office services and care, we invite our patients to make donations that support our numerous charitable efforts.

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  • Consultation for Hearing Aids

    Once the hearing test and explanation are completed, we will discuss the various hearing aids that can help you hear better. There are many considerations to take into account when selecting a hearing aid.

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  • Ear Cleaning

    Many new patients make an appointment because their ears feel blocked with ear wax. One of the initial steps during an appointment for a new patient is to use one of our videotoscopes and determine if there is enough wax, skin or other debris in the ears to necessitate cleaning them.

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  • Hearing Aid Cleaning and Maintenance

    About 80-85% of the time when a hearing aid does not sound like it is functioning properly, there is a little wax blocking the speaker. At the Better Hearing Center, we do a good job of coaching patients in person and over the phone in how to clean their hearing aids.

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  • Hearing Aid Demonstrations

    Why wonder how much better you might be able to hear? Find out for yourself. During your appointment you can listen to hearing aids that have been programmed to fit your hearing loss.

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  • Hearing Aid Fitting and Dispensing

    We take great care to adjust our patients hearing aids as well as possible. We make multiple adjustments in how the hearing aids feel, how they function, and how they sound.

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  • Hearing Aid Repairs

    When a good hearing aid cleaning is not enough to get a hearing aid working properly, the hearing aid might need to be repaired. We conduct some hearing aid repairs in the office.

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  • Hearing Aid Trials

    When a patient is sufficiently impressed by a hearing aid demonstration, they are usually interesting in wearing the hearing aids outside of my office and out into the real world. We recommend and encourage this type of real world test. That is why all of our patients are invited to have a 4-to-6 week trial […]

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  • Hearing Test | Ear Exams

    A crucial step during a thorough hearing test appointment is a comprehensive ear exam. Each ear is unique. We need to see and check the physical and structural condition of your ears before conducting a hearing test.

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  • Hearing Test Explanations

    It might seem odd to list a hearing test explanation as a separate service. Then again you might also be surprised how many of our patients have never received an explanation of their hearing test during years of visits with their ENT or Audiologist

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  • Hearing Tests and Evaluations

    A hearing test is the most important way to properly measure and determine a patient’s degree of hearing loss. When conducted properly, a thorough hearing test provides detailed information about the level of hearing in each ear and helps clarify the type of hearing loss as well.

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  • Loaner Hearing Aids

    Many repair issues can be addressed during a brief appointment in our office. When a hearing aid needs to be sent out for repair, we want to make sure our patients’ hearing does not suffer.

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Other Hearing Related Products and Accessories

We offer a variety of hearing related products and accessories. The most common are hearing aid batteries and various parts and components for hearing aids. We offer custom fit hunter’s plugs, sleep plugs, and ear plugs. Musician and audio technician ear plugs are available that are custom fit according to the type of equipment and ear piece connection being used. We also provide a limited supply of amplified telephones and some other hearing assistive devices. As with any of the products or services in our office, call us and ask questions so you can get the information you need to make a good decision about how to hear better.

  • 6-Week Trial Period
  • House Calls
  • Battery Sales
  • Hearing Instrument Rentals
  • Custom Ear Products (Musician Earplugs, Hunter’s Ear Baffles, Swim Plugs, etc.)
  • Amplified Phone Selection
  • Assistive Listening Devices (phones, alarms, light flashers, etc.)
  • Home-Baked Goodies