Hearing at Home Alone

Q:  Is there any reason to wear my hearing aids when I am home alone?  

A:  A common misconception about hearing aids is that you only need to wear them when you are talking with people and need to hear their voices better.  Think of hearing aids as sound therapy for your brain.  Your brain depends on good audio input in order to make good decisions about the world around you. 

            Even when you are home alone, your brain is collecting a multitude of sound-related information.  Believe it or not, it is important to hear basic sounds better in order to keep your brain ‘in-tune’ to hearing better once you leave your home. Even when you wash your hands, flip through the Austin American Statesman, open and close the refrigerator, sip a drink, or fold laundry, your hearing aids will keep your brain alert to subtle, nuanced sounds you would not otherwise detect.  After your time at home wearing your hearing aids, your brain will be suitably ready to continue hearing better when you are talking with people around you.

  If you don’t want to wear your hearing aids at home because they are uncomfortable, sound bad, or generally irritate you, you should have them re-programmed or altered to better suit you.