Hearing aids circa 2023.

Q: What will hearing aids be like in 10 years? 

A: By 2023, I think “hearing aids” will be one of the most widely used technical products across all age groups. I see hearing aids and cell phones evolving into one appliance with two distinct parts – the hand-held piece and the ear “bud” pieces. These “phonears” of the future will provide clearer and more personal hearing than anything previously. All audio signals like phone calls, TV signals, radio programs and wireless music will be able to be received directly into the phonears and controlled by smartphone apps. 

The futuristic phonears will also be able to broadcast whatever they are hearing to other people, who will hear the personal broadcast directly into their own phonears. 

With advances in translation software using phonears, we will be able to hear people speaking foreign languages in our native tongue. The overall degree of shared hearing and experience through phonears will create great changes in how we communicate together.