Hearing Aids are Custom Programmed

Q.  At Thanksgiving in South Austin, I tried my brother’s hearing aids?  One sounded too low, and the other sounded too loud.  I need hearing aids myself, but not if they sound like that.  Why would they sound so different?

A.  Your hearing loss must be different from your brother’s hearing loss.  To him, his hearing aids sound balanced and clear, with just the right amount of volume. 

    Your example highlights how every person’s hearing is different.  It is the same with vision.  If you wear glasses, imagine putting on someone else’s glasses.  Out of 100 people, you might find one or two whose glasses come close to yours.  All the others will be too blurry. 

  True hearing aids are not meant to be pulled off a shelf and used in a one-size-fits-all manner.  Many hearing aid elements must be individually fitted, customized and programmed; the length and the level of the speaker wire’s power, the diameter and shape of the speaker cover, the length of the speaker stabilizer, the level of programming for each ear’s needs, unique programs for different environments, and a variety of accessory devices and apps for using smartphones, remote microphones, and TVs.

  Just imagine whenever you get your hearing aids, your brother will probably say one sounds too low and the other sounds too loud.