Hearing Aids and East Austin Parks

Q.  When my wife and I walk in Rosewood Park and on the Boggy Creek trial when it is hot, my head sweats a lot.  But I need to have my hearing aids on to talk with my wife.  What can I do to protect my hearing aids from sweat?

A.  Kudos to you for keeping your hearing aids on during those walks.  They are instrumental in keeping you connected to your wife and to the sounds of nature around you.

    There are a few things to consider that can protect your hearing aids from sweat.  First, on warm days, take a small towel with you.  Wipe the perspiration from around your head and ears as needed.

    When you get home, remove the hearing aids and thoroughly dry them off.  Remove the batteries and dry out the batter compartments.  Dry off the batteries as well.  You might even consider putting your hearing aids overnight in a small, tightly closed container with half a cup of dry rice.

    There are also hearing aid ‘workout socks’ that can protect them from wind, moisture, and dust.  You can find them online at www.gearforears.com.  Or call your hearing center and inquire if they carry some inventory of ‘Ear Gear’ items that you can look at.