Hearing Aid Savings

Q.   Are there ways to save money on hearing aids?

A.  The short answer is yes. 

  First, I do not recommend comparatively inexpensive sound amplifiers because they are not specifically programmed for your loss.  These devices are found in certain retail stores and are sold over the counter without a hearing test, without an ear exam, and without any counseling or instruction.  These devices are also sold over the internet, through magazines and newspaper ads.  I do not recommend them.

  I strongly suggest you go to a bonafide hearing center at an ENT office, an Audiologist office, a Hearing Aid Center, or some retail centers like Costco and Sam’s for a thorough ear cleaning, hearing evaluation, and hearing aid demonstration and trial.  Ask about discounts.  Some centers offer discounts to former and active military, police, first responders, educators, clergy, etc.

  Older hearing aids might be on sale when newer hearing aids reach the market – ask.  Office demo hearing aids might be available at deep discounts.  Again, ask.  You might also have an insurance benefit that will reduce your out-of-pocket expense.  The hearing center can find out.  Ask. 

  Call us at the Better Hearing Center of Austin for a thorough, well explained ear and hearing exam.  We currently have some aids available at a 50-60% savings!  You can listen to them at your appointment.  We then provide 4-week hearing aid trials with follow-up appointments so you can fully try out hearing aids before you make a final purchase.