Hearing Aid Myth (2 of 5)

Q.  Won’t using hearing aids make me look old and feeble?

A.  Actually, though it may seem odd, the reverse is more true.  Not treating your hearing loss makes you seem more out of touch and in need of help with repeated conversations. 

  Each person has their own self-impression and their sense of what others think of them.  When a person has impactful hearing loss, they are often negatively affected in a myriad of ways.  

  Because of reduced hearing clarity you can feel reduced self-confidence, increased frustration and irritability, reduced social interaction, heightened tension and depression, and a loss of belonging and connection.  These issues come on slowly and relentlessly.

  People around you are able to sense you experiencing these attributes as well.  Plus, these same people feel frustrated, irritated and put out by having to repeat themselves.  Trying to talk with you can feel burdensome and choppy.

  When you get properly programmed hearing aids and remove the negative impacts of hearing loss, it is no surprise that your outlook, demeanor and character also improves.  The people around you feel this improvement as well.  So rather than hearing aids making you seem old and feeble, they actually make you more in touch, active, and capable.

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