Hearing Aid Frustration

Q.  My husband’s hearing aids are six years old.  He is frustrated with them of late because he has begun to change the volume frequently as he tries to understand us better during a meal, while watching TV, or even when we walk through our East Austin neighborhood.  Is it time for him to get new hearing aids?

A.  Has your husband been back to his hearing center for follow up visits during the past six years?  Most hearing centers will re-test their patients’ hearing and adjust hearing aids accordingly on an annual or bi-annual basis.  Some hearing centers encourage quarterly appointments for routine maintenance and can address a variety of concerns then.

  It also sounds like your husband was happier with his hearing aids until recently.  One of three common things has likely changed recently.  He may have wax blocking his ears or his hearing aids.  His hearing levels may have changed – allergies and sinus issues will commonly affect hearing for folks in the Austin and broader Central Texas area.  Lastly, the hearing aid might need to be serviced or repaired.

  Give your husband’s hearing center a call and set up an appointment.  They can easily address the above issues.  If none of these issues has occurred, it might be time for your husband to listen to new hearing aids that will provide his brain with more refined and subtle information in order for him to hear more easily and clearly.