Hearing Aid Care in Restricted Nursing Home

Q.  My mother’s nursing home in Austin has stopped allowing visitors.  How can I ensure her hearing aids are being cleaned and maintained properly over the next few weeks?

A.  Your mother’s nursing home will likely allow you to drop off hearing aid batteries for your Mom.  The staff should be able to check and change the batteries for her.

The staff might be less familiar with the steps to check and clean wax that collects on and in the hearing aids.  There can be unique components to check and clean on different hearing aids.  Review any online video before you share it with the nursing home staff to ensure the video actually shows the steps to follow to check and clean hearing aids like the ones used by your mother.

You might inquire if the nursing home staff will bring your mother’s hearing aids to you at the reception area.  You can take the hearing aids to your car to check and clean them.  When you are done, take them back to the reception area so they can return them to your mother.

If the nursing home will not bring you the hearing aids, forward them a link or two to cleaning videos for the staff to educate themselves.  You can find some cleaning videos on our website at www.betterhearingofaustin.com.

Call us at the Better Hearing Center of Austin for an appointment to learn how to better check and clean hearing aids.  If needed, get your hearing tested and listen to the newest hearing aids.  We provide coaching and adjustments during a 4-week hearing aid trial so patients can fully test out hearing aids before making a purchase.

Saleem Assaf (BA – Rice, MBA – UT) is a native Dallas, Texan and a recipient of KVUE’s 2020 award for 5 Who Care and the Texas Hearing Aid Association’s 2018 Dispenser of the Year award.  Outside his practice, Saleem volunteers for hearing healthcare in Austin and abroad.  Since 2008, he has provided $178,000 in hearing aids to students at the Texas School for the Deaf.