Hearing After Retirement

Q.  I retired from the Austin IRS office at the beginning of the year after 33 years.  My husband is after me to get hearing aids, but since I no longer work, are they really necessary?

A.  I am reading two things into your question.  First, it sounds like you have been experiencing hearing loss for some time.  And it seems like your husband began raising the question of your hearing issues before you retired.  Namely, it may be that your hearing loss has been affecting you and those around you for a while now, not just since retiring.

  I will also guess that your husband is retired or he works from home.  And now that you are retired and at home during the day, he notices more than before that you have difficulty hearing well. 

  Even though you are retired, you will still benefit a great deal from hearing better.  Hearing better reduces frustration, stress and strain and has been proven to reduce the risk of many stress related health conditions.  Just imagine, hearing better is linked to better health!

  Also, Federal retirees usually have good hearing aid coverage.  First things first, get a good hearing test from a thorough, well-reviewed hearing center.  Then listen to hearing aids.  Take your husband with you, too.