Health and Hearing Go Hand-in-hand.

Q: How is my hearing affected by other health issues I have?


A: Many health issues create temporary or permanent changes in your hearing.  Let me mention a few of the most common ones. First, good blood flow.  Issues with blood pressure and blood sugar issues can affect your hearing.  Likewise, allergies and sinus troubles will influence how well you hear.  Of course, wax can fill up your ear and make it sound very blocked up.

Pain medication can often reduce your hearing’s sensitivity, along with radio and chemo therapy, too.  Stress, general anxiety, and energy level / exhaustion in one’s life can hamper how well we hear on a daily basis.

Since we get many visual hearing cues when we talk with people face-to-face, our vision can truly impact how well we hear.  Many of our patients notice they hear better when they wear their contacts or glasses.  Interesting, isn’t it?

At the Better Hearing Center, we will discuss how your health might be impacting your hearing.  Call us at 282-4327 to arrange a complimentary ear check-up, hearing test, and hearing aid demonstration.  We work hard to make hearing easy.