Golden Rules for Better Hearing

Q: Even with my hearing aids, I still miss some things.  Can you help me?

A: Let’s say your ears are clear and clean, and you do not have any congestion or sinus trouble, and your hearing aids are properly programmed to accommodate your loss.  If so, there are a few things you can still consider. 

The following golden rules are excellent communication tips for hearing better. Rule No. 1 is to maintain good eye contact.  Rule No. 2 is to have people say your name when they first begin speaking to you.  Rule No. 3 to be in the same room with the person you are talking to.  Rule No. 4 is not to walk away when you are talking to someone (see Rule Nos. 1 and 3).   Rule No. 5 is not to ask, ‘What?’.  Instead ask about the one word or phrase you missed. 

At the Better Hearing Center, you will receive a printed version of all 13 Golden Rules at your appointment.  Call us at 282-4327 to arrange a complimentary ear check-up, hearing test, and hearing aid demonstration.  We work hard to make hearing easy.