Do hearing aids make hearing worse?

Q: My Dad says using hearing aids will make his hearing worse – will it? 

A:  Some of our new patients express a similar concern.  Will hearing aids over-amplify loud noises and damage their hearing even more?  No, they won’t.  For decades, hearing aids have had loudness limits based on the level of a person’s hearing loss.  Someone with a profound hearing loss has a higher limit than a person with a lower hearing loss who does not need as much amplification.

Why, then, do some new hearing aid wearers feel their natural hearing gets worse after 2 to 3 weeks? This can occur once their brain has adapted to their improved hearing.  And without their hearing aids, they feel like they hear worse than before. They are addicted to hearing better.  A wise patient once told me, “It’s only hearing loss if I don’t fix it.”

At the Better Hearing Center we gladly help patients become addicted to hearing better – with or without hearing aids.  Call us at 282-4327 for a complimentary appointment and hearing aid demonstration.  We work hard to make hearing easy.