Custom Hearing Aids vs. Face Mask

Q.  I am ready to replace my 5-year old hearing aids that fit behind my ear.  They can get pulled loose when I take my facemask off.  Would I be better off getting custom in-the-ear hearing aids to avoid the issue with facemasks?

A. Most people notice three downsides when wearing custom hearing aids.  First is the feel.  Your ears always feel full.  Along with that full feeling, you hear your own mouth noises much louder.  This happens when you sniffle, click your teeth, eat or drink something, scratch your head or cheek, etc.  Lastly, your own voice has a distinct microphone effect to it.

  Since your current hearing aids have lasted 5 years, if you get custom aids to replace them, you will need to put up with these detractions for a number of years.

  If you upgrade to new behind-the-ear hearing aids, they could still be susceptible to being pulled loose when you remove a face mask.  Or you could use a mask that does not have straps that wrap around your ears.  Instead, you could use a mask with elastic ties and avoid pulling your hearing aids loose.

  If you feel certain that custom hearing aids would be better for you, have your hearing center order them so you can try them for a week or two.  If you do not like them, return them for a refund within a month.

  Call us at the Better Hearing Center of Austin.  We are making appointments for new patients on a selective basis.  Get your ears checked and your hearing tested.  Then listen to some hearing aids.  We provide coaching on cleaning and make adjustments during a 4-week hearing aid trial for patients to fully test hearing aids before they make a final purchase.