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Community Service, Care and Off-Site Visits

We always invite you to make a contribution to our fund that helps us cover the costs of the charitable work we conduct.

  • Free hearing aids and accessory equipment for students at the Texas School for the Deaf.
  • Free hearing aids for working parents of school-age children.  Participants must meet qualifications for David H. Walter Better Hearing Instrument Program, B-HIP.
  • Free service and care at the South Austin Salvation Army In-Residence Rehabilitation Program.
  • Free service and care at select local retirement centers and rehabilitation centers.
  • Free service and care for underserved communities outside the U.S.  2014 Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  2013 Chintsa, South Africa. 

Texas School for the Deaf

The Better Hearing Center of Austin is the only hearing center in Texas that purchases new hearing aids for in-need students at the Texas School for the Deaf. Many of the students at TSD are not fully deaf and use hearing aids to capture a range of sounds, voices, and music. Our program purchases new hearing aids for specific students. These hearing aids are not loaners, they become the student’s property. The programing, care, and service for the student’s hearing aids is handled through the audiology staff at the Texas School for the Deaf. The Better Hearing Center of Austin is proud to be given TSD’s Partner of the Year Award in 2011 for our free hearing aid program for TSD students.

caption: David H. Walter Better Hearing Instrument Program, B-HIP

For working parents of school-age children, we provide free hearing aids for qualified patients through our David H. Walter Better Hearing Instrument Program, B-HIP.  There are some income and location guidelines to meet the program’s qualifications.  Recipients of these free hearing aids receive the full complement of care and services that all of our patients receive, including free ear check-ups and cleanings, free hearing tests, free hearing aid trials, and free follow-up adjustments and maintenance.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has a residential dormitory for men who attend a six-month rehabilitation program at their South Congress location. Every two months, we provide onsite services for the men in residence there. We provide free ear exams, free ear cleaning, and a good deal of free hearing education. The men who need free hearing tests are provided transportation by the Salvation Army to our William Cannon office. And those men who are trying to support school-age children might also qualify for free hearing aids through our David H. Walter Better Hearing Instrument Program (B-HIP).

Retirement Homes and Rehabilitation Centers

We visit a number of local retirement homes to provide a full slate of free services - free education seminars, free ear exams, free ear cleaning, free hearing aid service and care, and free hearing tests. Some services are provide in resident’s individual rooms, and some services are provided in one of the retirement home’s community rooms. We also go to a number of local rehabilitation centers where we provide in-room care. Many patients in rehabilitation centers are limited in their mobility, so we go directly to their rooms and provide a full slate of free hearing and hearing aid services and care.

Reaching Underserved Communities Outside the U.S.

Beginning in 2013, we began to extend the reach of our care and service outside the U.S. There are many deeply underserved communities around the world that can benefit from the most basic ear healthcare. Our intent in reaching out to these communities is to provide expert ear check-ups and ear cleaning, useful hearing and ear healthcare education, and local training and equipment for ongoing care. By training a local healthcare technician and giving them the necessary ear checkup and ear cleaning equipment, we aim to provide each community we visit with long-term ear care, if even on a basic level for ear check-ups and ear cleaning.

In 2013, Saleem worked for 4 days in the township of Chintsa, South Africa. He was able to see over 350 people, mostly school children. Saleem was able to see every student in 3 local elementary and middle schools in the area. He also provided care in Chintsa’s health depot within the township, and checked all the children at a local orphanage. The students who needed their ears cleaned experienced a nice improvement in their hearing. Saleem was also able to provide an essential education in ear care and how hearing works.

In 2014, Saleem will work with a community in Port-au-Prince, Haiti for 5 days to provide essential ear check-ups, necessary ear cleaning, and provide essential ear and hearing education.